India tours reviews by the guests who visited India with Optima India Tourism (a unit of Optima Travels Pvt. Ltd. ). We believe that our guests' reviews prod us to improvise and help you to take care of subtle aspects related to holidaying and vacationing in India.

Guest: Prasad Pillai & Vasuki
Country: Chicago, ILLINOIS

Hi Anshumali

You are GREAT! This is our personal THANK YOU note!

Out-of-so-many years, we have never had this kind of BEST experience in our India visit.

We stayed in many countries like Malaysia, Brunei, Singapore for about 8 years and in USA for the past 17 years. We visited many-a-times to India BUT, this one arranged by YOU is the BEST-IN-CLASS!

1) The stay in ShangriLa Hotel in Delhi, and the Delhi Tour - we covered almost all the places that you promised earlier! super stay with excellent breakfast!!

2) The stay in Jai Mahal Palace in Jaipur for 2 days - that's the superb choice! That's the crown of our tour, with Maharaja-style welcome with garland! Our sincere thanks for arranging 2 nights-dinner apart from the complimentary breakfast! The Jaipur tour was also fantastic and could have been more interesting had it not rained on the day of the Elephant ride. But we still did the 'ride' and it was a royal treatment! The visit to Mathura/Brindavan was excellent!! The guide was very good!

3) The stay in Agra at ITC Mogul was also good. (since you have shown us ShangriLa & JaiMahal first, I need to lower the ITC rating to 'good'). The food & the guide were good here too!

Altogether it was an awesome experience that our kids as well us enjoyed to the core.

Our heart-felt thanks to your travels company and especially to you for making our 5-day-triangular-trip, a very pleasant & memorable with more personal touch wherever possible. Thanks for your valuable suggestions/recommendations throughout the itinerary!

Last but not least, we should thank the driver 'Maharaja', very cool but sincere & reliable guy, who made the whole trip very pleasant ride without any incidents!!!

I am sorry for responding to you this late as we were sick after coming back to USA last week. Also the school started for the kids & we are back to work amidst sickness .

Please let me know if I need to comment on your website or tripadvisor.com.

Also feel free to use my email for any future reference!

Can't wait to have many more Tours with Optima Travels in the coming years!!!

In fact, I have given your contact details to most of my friends, in USA & India, through WhatsApp already!

Note: I am yet to arrange the tour photos and I'll WhatsApp to you once ready!

Prasad Pillai & Vasuki

Country: (Columbia & USA)

Hi Anshumali

I am writing this letter as a humble note of appreciation for the outstanding and professionalism service provided by you and your staff during our vacation.

It's been said that "A friend in need, is a friend indeed." No words could better describe what your friendship and quality of service has meant to us over our incredible experience in your country. It is wonderful to have friends and a company like yours, who are always there for us when we need you most. Since we started looking and browsing for all the different options and alternatives packages, we had chosen all the best ones with the best reviews and options, and finally Optima Travels was selected.

Maria and I want you to know that we cherish your friendship. Should you ever need us in any way, please don't hesitate to call on us. We were very touched for you, your staff and your country. I would love to recommend your company to anyone who needs a tour package, and also I will recommend with the American Embassy in India, and Expedia and all the tours package web pages.

We would like to thank you & your company personnel starting with Mr. Rakesh Sharma, incredibly big heart and extremely kind and accurate taking care of all our queries. Mr. Rishiraj Thore, his incredible knowledge and experience sharing his culture and studies with an incredible and positive attitude. Mr. Jitendra Singh with a tremendous knowledge and studies, very accurate and incredible feeling and passion for his culture. Mr. Lakhan Singh, very short time for sharing experiences, but uniquely incredible way shared his studies and professionalism.

Unfortunately we are tour guides’ names, please convey them thank you for sharing their experiences and culture with us, and I will write again with their names a letter of recommendation.

All of you were extremely attentive and listening all our concerns with a great deal of patience. The tour guides ensured that we received all the information regarding the history, dates, and names in an incredible way.

We are truly grateful...,


Guest: Ms. Rachel Rinsma & Ms. Alexandra
Country: Canada

Hi Anshumali

I'm so sorry this is so late, I've still been a bit sick and things have been very busy over here. We did have an excellent time though! Here's a review you can post on your portal:

Our experience with Optima Travels was fantastic. The hotels were comfortable, the guides were knowledgeable, and the sights were beautiful. Our driver was very personable and always made our experience his first priority. Anshumali consistently checked in with us to see if there was anything further that we needed, and we always felt that he was available to us. I would definitely use them again, and suggest them to anyone!

Hope you've been having a great time! :)

Rachel Rinsma

Guest: Ms Johnito Ejercito,
Country: USA / Philipines

Dear Mr. Tiwari,

Thank you very much for your concerns and caring.

It has taken me a while to give this feedback because we r still traveling with so many communication connections.

I really enjoyed the trip and so did my companions. We enjoyed a lot. All of our expectations were met.Thanks to all who put in exceptional planning and excellent execution to deliver us the best of the world.

We will be back in USA in 3 days and would certainly spread the word about Optima's service and efficiency. Thanks to you and please feel free to use me as reference in the future!!


Best regards,

Guest: Ms. Kyndyl Miller, Ms. Bora Han & John Shim
Country: USA

Hi Anshumali,

I was very pleased with the tour, especially how you assembled everything last minute for us! I think our trip would've been very hectic if we hadn't gone through Optima.

It was very convenient that we had a private driver for the duration of the trip. It made the whole process easier since I personally would have been stressed finding transportation from place to place. Our driver was also extremely kind. This is definitely a PLUS!

The complimentary add-ons (rickshaw, horse-carriage, and elephant ride) were amazing. Thank you for doing this, because I would've never planned it myself, and it's a memory I'll hold on to forever.

The tour guides were great and very informative. We very much enjoyed their company and appreciate their knowledge of the areas we visited and their willingness to take photos for us!

The Hotel choices were great. I would again stay in the same hotels if I were to go back to India.

I don't really have anything to complain about, I don't think the trip could've gone better. For how little time we had in India, I think the amount was perfect and I would definitely recommend this tour to my friends who plan the travel in India. Thank you for such an enjoyable experience.



Guest: Mr.Tanner Davis & Ms. Haley Anderson
Country: USA

Hi Anshumali,

Thank you, we made it home safe and are now back at work into the real world. Haley and I both felt that your team was very ethical and delivered everything as committed. The hotels were everything that we expected for the price we paid. We were very impressed with our drivers the whole tour. They would always pick us up within 5 minutes of us being done touring each site. Our guides were always kind and professional. They were even helping us understand how much we should pay for things in order for us to get a good deal.

I think the only suggestion is that mention somewhere the total cost of monument entrances. This will be of great help to the travelers. Outside of this minor suggestion, Optima Travels was great and we plan on going through your team again if/when we return to India!


Best regards,

Guest: Mr. Veronica Yan & Gwennan Williams
Country: USA / UK

Hi Anshumali,
Sorry it’s taken me so long!

Optima Travels helped me create a 2 day itinerary for Agra and Jaipur, and it was fantastic! We saw everything there was to see, without feeling rushed or exhausted. For this tour, we were just two females, and prior to the arriving in India, I was very concerned that we might get hassled as two females traveling alone. However, we felt very safe and very well taken care of the entire time. We had a driver with us for the two days, and then there were three tour guides (one for each of Agra, Fatehpur Sikri, and Jaipur), and representatives from the company greeting us at the hotels. The driver was very careful to make sure that everything in the car was locked and watched closely; the tour guides were very good about making sure that no one hassled us. Throughout the day, I also got check-ins over the driver’s phone from Anshumali to make sure everything was going smoothly.

Booking this trip was very easy, even though I booked with less than two weeks notice. I did not find a two-day tour to Agra and Jaipur on their website, so I simply emailed to ask about one, and I got a very quick response with a two-day itinerary for very attractive and most competitive deal (as I got quotes from 3 companies). I booked it and paid when they picked us up at our hotel. We were picked up very promptly at 5 am at our hotel, and this punctuality continued throughout the whole trip. Super easy and convenient!

The car was very new and comfortable — perfect for the two of us. The places we were taken for lunch were all clean (i.e., no Delhi belly) and we did not feel like we were getting pushed toward buying things we did not want (the way a lot of other tour companies operate). We of course did visit some stores, where we learned about inlaid marble making, block printing, embroidery, painting, etc., but these were interesting and we did not feel pressured to purchase anything. If anything, it was a welcome change of pace from seeing the monuments!

The hotel in Jaipur was also wonderful. We went for the four star option (rather than the five star option) and it was very clean, very good quality. The driver’s English was just okay, but it did the trick for what we needed: We were able to learn from him a little about the culture and the people of India. The tour guides all had good command of English and lots of knowledge about the history of the places we were brought to. They were very good about finding places that were not too crowded to talk about some of the history, showing us interesting features that other tour guides did not seem to be showing other visitors, making sure that we were at the best places/angles for taking photos, and making sure that we had water.

Finally, the most important part: the places we went to checked all the boxes of where people should go/do/see when in Agra and Jaipur. When my friend and I arrived back in Delhi, we met up with some other friends who were traveling at the same time and compared notes: I think we won.

All in all, everyone was excellent, and I would enthusiastically recommend this travel agency!

Thank you Optima Travels! You really gave me a peace of mind when traveling through India!


Best regards,

Guest: Mr. Rajen & Ms. Suvarna
Country: USA

Good morning Mr. Tiwari,

Thanks for everything. We did not have any problems at all. All 4 guides & the driver Amar Singh are very knowledgeable, courteous & very punctual. It has been very hectic since we returned from Jaipur. Feel free to use me & Suvarnaji for reference if you need to. We will definitely utilize your services again if we plan a Trip to Simla & Shrinagar in Future. We don't have any suggestions for improvements since there was not a single problem. We would have liked it better if the guides & the driver would eat with us since we consider them friends & that's what we do wherever we go but I think you have your reasons & they were following their policy. I was raised with the Vashudaivya Kutumbakam principle & though I'm a Brahmin by birth married to Patel We both believe in the Principle which has greatly facilitated our past travels. If you ever come to Houston, Texas in future let us have a chance to be the host. We live only 90 minutes drive from Houston airport. Thanks again & wish you more success in your life.

Thanks again!

Best regards,

Guest: Mr. Robert Fisher
Country: USA

Hello Anshumali,

Yes, we made it home safely. I am well pleased with how your company handled our tour. I will recommend to anyone that is coming to India to use your company. I hope to return to India in the near future and I definitely will use Optima Travels.

Thanks again!

Best regards,
Robert Fisher

Guest: Ms. Heena Bhayani
Country: USA

Hello Anshumali,

Hi I'm good. We are back in U.S. Our experience with you & definitely with Optima Travels was excellent. We will definitely give you chance to serve us next time .

Thanks You!

Best regards,

Guest: Mr Mathew Garvis & Mr. Roberto
Country: Canada & Mexico

Hi Anshumali,

It was a wonderful trip of India. I had travelled India twice before but the responsiveness and customization to our peculiar demands were most well taken by Optima Travels. Very soon I’m returning to India with family and surely Optima will be the only contact. I highly recommend you and Optima Travels for delightful services. .

Thanks You!

Best regards,
M. Garvis

Guest: Kristen Herwig, Nico Branham & Alwi
Country: USA & Canada

Hi Anshumali,

Sorry for the last response, I’ve been so busy since I got home! Our first and last guides were really great. They were laid back, funny, and very informative about the sights we were seeing. We loved our driver! He pointed out so much along the roads that we would’ve missed otherwise. I appreciate how organized the tour was and how knowledgeable the staff was. Being women, we were a bit apprehensive but the way Optima Travels looked after and monitored every aspect of travel, it’s safe & enjoyable. Woman folks may ‘completely’ rely on you guys. One suggestion I would recommend would be to take tourists to the local markets in addition to fancy shops. We highly recommend Optima.

Thanks again!

Best regards,
Kristen Herwig

Guest: Mr. Fernanda Levy
Country: Argentina

Hi Anshumali,

I will write my review in Spanish so i can write better.

Mi experiencia con optima travels fue inmejorable. Super responsables y atentos en todo momento. Al llegar a cada aeropuerto ya estaban esperándome.

El chófer, los guías y Anshumali en todo momento con la mejor predisposición para ayudarme y llevarme a los lugares que quisiera ir. Y el tour muy completo, fuimos a todos los lugares que estaban programados, sin tener que esperar en ningún lado. Me sentí muy segura, algo que es muy importante y más si están viajando solos como era mi caso. Los hoteles muy lindos, especialmente el Holiday Inn de Nueva Delhi. Totalmente recomendable, trabajan con mucho profesionalismo y responsabilidad.

Thanks for everything,

Best regards,

Guest: Mr. Nino Lenthaperambil
Country: Germany

Dear Ajeet

Sorry for the delay. Unfortunately, I was quite busy last weeks. First of all thank you for organizing the great tour. We enjoyed it a lot. A detailed feedback is following:

Driver : Driver Silinder was excellent- always on time, very humble and courteous, prompt and friendly. He was familiar with the traffic and crowdy streets. Always felt safe with him. Thumbs up.

Guides : Both Delhi Guides were having good knowledge about all the palaces, monuments, tombs, temples, ... The second Guide was very friendly and we enjoyed his company. The Guide in Agra impressed with his profound knowledge of all the attractions in Agra. Unfortunatley, because of his accent, it was a little bit difficult for us to understand him. Later we got used to it. The Guide in Fathepur Skiri was very freindly. He informed us very well about the palace and all the attractions inside the complex there. At Jaipur, the guide was friendly and knowledgeable but sometimes we had to ask to get some more information about the attractions in Jaipur. Second day, at the Birla Temple he surprised us with his deep knowledge about the Hindu religion.

Tour : Delhi and Agra were well organized. We enjoyed it. But, in Jaipur we enjoyed the tour most. Furthermore, we liked the cultural programs arranged by Mr. Krishna. Besides the monuments and other famous attractions in Jaipur, it might be very interesting to experience the Thar dessert and the village life in Rajasthan.

Hotels : All hotels were exceptionally good. Service was excellent. Room in Maidens (Delhi) was superb.

All in all, we enjoyed our golden triangle tour!!! Once again, thank you very much for your great support before and during the tour. We'll definitely recommend Optima Travels.

Best regards,

Guest: Mr. Venkateshan I.
Country: United Kingdom
Month: October’ 2014

Dear Ajeet

Just wanted to share my feedback. First of all, sorry for the delay in feedback. It was a very nice experience in Kerala. We had no issues in our scheduled trip. Thanks to you for your regular follow up with us. Hotels, car, guides and several activities- all well chosen and planned. Keep up the good spirit. Hope to have another deal with you very soon.

Thanks & Regards,
Venkatesh. I

Guest: Victor Acosta

Hello Anshumali,

First of all thanks for the follow-up to get my feedback. Ana is in NYC right now so she will probably not be able to send an e-mail with her feedback but I have spoken with her and my mail also summarizes her comments.

First of all we would like to thank you for being such a professional person and for the way you handle your company. Since the beginning you were flexible with our specific requirements. You were extremely patient with the changes we had to make to the itinerary to make it fit with my other plans and were never upset that I kept changing things. I appreciate the fast answers and the suggestions and adjustments.

At the end we had an itinerary that was not perfect due to our own restrictions but that was tailored to our needs. Everything thanks to you.

Ana (and myself) loved the fact that you surprised us with an upgrade in our hotel class without us expecting it. It was a very welcomed surprise that made our trip even better. We enjoyed the hotels in India and I can honestly say that they were excellent. We especially enjoyed the legacy hotel in Jaipur as it was a different experience.

All the persons that were with us (our driver, the guides, the hotel staff) were friendly and willing to make our stay better. We complied with the schedule without issues and in every moment we felt safe and cared for. You have great people working with you. Please tell them that we appreciate everything they did for us. The sights in India were breathtaking. It is really a beautiful country that has a lot to offer. It is a pity that we could only be there for such a short time and just for the highlights of North India. We hope that we can plan a return trip and know more of such a beautiful country with such friendly people. And we would like to express our gratitude and satisfaction in BOLD – WHENEVER WE MAKE ANOTHER TOUR OF INDIA IT WILL BE OPTIMA TRAVELS AS OUR INDIA TOUR FACILITATOR. WE RECOMMEND EVERYBODY HIGHLY ABOUT OPTIMA TRAVELS TO SELECT FOR INDIA TOUR.

Thanks again for everything!
Ana and Víctor

Guest: Suman Patel & family
Nationality: U.S.A.
Hello Anshumali,

Regarding the trip, our experience overall was quite positive. We had a good time and we enjoyed our tour. I would certainly recommend you to any friends who might be interested in a similar tour in India.

The guides were satisfactory everywhere. We particularly liked the guide at Fatekpur Sukri. We felt the guide at Jaipur was also quite good and deserves commendation as well. The other guides were fine, but these two stood out.

Ravi, our driver was very good and we were quite satisfied with him. He was very accommodating and provided excellent service throughout the trip.

Your representatives who greeted us at each city were also fine. The representative who was supposed to greet us on arrival at Udaipur did not show up. This did not cause any problems, but I thought you should know that he did not greet us. He did call us to find out what time we planned to start the tour the next day – and then turned up and took up all responsibilities very nicely.

The hotels were fine overall. The hotel in Pushkar (Pushkar Palace) was clearly not "5*" but a very nice heritage hotel. I clearly agree that it is the best hotel in Pushkar. The service was fine there.

Best regards

Guest: Ms. Debbie Atmadjaja & family
Nationality: Indonesia

Hello Anshumali,
Thank you for wanting our feedback!

1. Your calling us every morning was really helpful. It showed that you cared and you wanted to make sure that everything was going well.

2. The itinerary included various activities that one would not experience in one single journey. It had a camel ride in a desert, an elephant ride to a palace, a stay at the beach, boat rides on a river, cultural shows, sound and light shows, stay in desert in tents, rickshaw ride, horse cart ride etc. Very good experience.

3. You were extremely helpful when we had accidentally taken the wrong luggage in Mumbai. For that, we're very grateful.

4. Very professionally managed tour with great hotels, very good drivers and knowledgeable guides.

5. Varanasi guide was an excellent and very knowledgeable guide but out of the group of five persons, he was friendly to everybody but less amicable to me.

The whole tour was pretty much perfect. Thank you very much. I'm also recommending your agency to friends here interested in traveling in India.

Thank you and have a nice day/night!

Guest: Noelle Buton
Nationality: France

Hello Anshumali,

Sorry for late reply. Yes we reached France after 15 days in India. The Taj Mahal tour that you organized was perfect. Hotel was truly luxury. The driver very nice and very good in his driving!!!! The guide was good and we did a very good tour.

Thank you for everything and we will recommend you among our friends.

Noëlle Buton

Guest: Mr. Luciano & Ms.Elena
Nationality: Italy

Hello Anshumali,

First sorry for the delay of our reply, then thanks for the references of books you sent us! We were waiting for them! Our travel in India was great, we learned a lot, and enjoyed your heritages and food. We also faced our prejudice (good or bad) about Indian culture.

We are very happy and we will come again in the future (when the money allows!)

We wish you all the best for you and your family.

Luciano and Elena

Guest: Mr. Paul Amorvain.
Nationality: France

Dear Mr. Anshumali

We are back in France and I wish to inform you that we will keep a wonderfull souvenir of this travel in India.

The journey was well organised and timely optimized, never in a hurry but also with no waste time.

The hotels have all been of good standard, the driver and the guides were perfect. We really enjoyed this stay in your country and have already recommended Optima Travels to some of our friends.

Best regards,
Paul Amoravain

Guest: Michel Pilon
Nationality: Canada

Hi Mr. Anshumali

First of all, we want to thank you for the fabulous trip you organized for us. It surpassed our expectations. Everything you promised you delivered. We won't hesitate to recommend your agency Optima Travels. Your services and cooperation were extraordinary.

I want to mention our driver Deepak Josji. He was the best. He made the trip for us. His driving on Indian road was perfect. We always felt safe and secure. He was always on time with a big smile on his face. He was always available and ready to help us. He his a big plus for your company and I think he deserves a salary raise.

Our guides for the most part were very good and knowledgeable. The French guides in Delhi-Varanasi-Khajuraho-Agra-Jaipur were excellent. French guide in Bikaner was ordinary but not as good as the others. He is the one I would not recommend.

Our hotels in Delhi-Varanasi-Khajuraho-Jaipur-Udaipur-Jaisalmer-Bikaner were the best. Tridents being the top of the top. Whyndham Grand in Agra is a very nice place but the bathrooms needs to be renovated, service there was extraordinary but it does not compare to Trident. Bal Samand is a very nice legacy property. Pushkar Palace was ok, but for a non-Hindu, I don`t think there is a need to go to Pushkar, not much to see there. The only thing that we did not like in the entire trip was going to Mandawa, there is nothing to see there, nothing to do, a few abandonned buildings with paintings on the wall. We did a 45 min. tour of the city and that was it. Though you had explained me in the very beginning that halt in Mandawa necessary to have a break in otherwise very long journey.

Thank you again, we are full of memories and we are promoting India and your company to our friends.

Best regards,
Michel Pilon

Guest: Henning Deschka
Nationality: Germany

Hi Anshumali

Thank you for your email!

Yes, we are back to Germany and everything is back to normal. Once again, thank you for the hospitality and caring we have received from your company and especially from you!

Everything worked very smooth and was very well organized. The accommodation (luxury hotels) was perfectly selected according to our needs. There has not been a single moment, where we felt unsafe or worried. Not to forget our driver, Mr Malkit Singh, who was a great help to us. Without his local knowledge, his driving abilities and his reliability, the trip would not have been the same!

The three weeks in your country will remain in our memory and we will always remember India as a place that is well worth to be visited. We don’t know, what the future will bring, but we might be back someday, to visit a different part of your country.

Kim is back to school, enriched by a wonderful experience.

Best regards,
Henning Deschka

Nationality: Switzerland

Dear Mister Tiwari

Thank you for your email!

Thanks for the perfect organization of the travel. My health gets better every day, I am still a bit weak but in a week I should be at full speed. I think I've never been as sick in my life but your guides and drivers made my life easy. Also the comfort in the hotels was very much appreciated. The first driver, Prakash, was excellent. He drove perfectly secure yet fast, recommended sites to visit on the road, tried to help with the post. His English (and the 5 local languages) was excellent and he was very friendly. I can give him my highest recommendations.

Thanks again for everything

Best regards,

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